Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Shoulder Bag

OK.  Come on people.  Are we really calling it that?  Why can't we just call it what it is?  A purse.  It's not a fashion statement. It's just a purse. :-)

Really guys.  It's 2011. Why can't we just call it what it is?  It's not a matter of whether it's straight or gay, its just a purse. I think it's rather homophobic to call it a shoulder bag, or even a "man purse"  Just be honest.  If you wear one, you are either a gay man or a p*ssy whipped dude with no choice.  Either way, it's fine.  Just don't be shy about it.  If you want to be a man about it,  be confident! Show you don't care what it's called, and announce what it is to the world!!  A Purse!

Say it loud, and proud.   "I carry a purse!"

Just don't expect any other guy to consider you straight. :-)

PS - Women love confident men; gay or straight.  

Goodnight World!


  1. I could care less if other guys think I'm gay. My wife knows otherwise! :) I love having a messaging bag.

  2. Oh... God... Good thing I just have a backpack.

  3. Its better than fanny packs. No amount of talking in the world clears that things name.

  4. It's a MAN purse, dammit. Or a messenger bag.

  5. I love the purse. In fact sometimes I carry my girlfriends purse when my arm feels a little naked.

  6. i would carry around a purse if i wore makeup, needed tampons and had 100s of shopping cards/credit cards.

    since i'm no longer a student who needs to carry around books either, it's not too functional. unless i decide to push drugs or become a wealthy businessman, then i'll have a nice leather one.